Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marduk - Throne of Rats. Video.

This song, "Throne of Rats", brings us back the atmosphere of the early 90's black metal albums. This has been considered the most absorbing and darkest song of this great band. With very rotten and dusty effects their video fullfils the expectations of true Black Metal followers.


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Belphegor - Vomit Upon The Cross. VIDEO

Gloriole on your worm eaten head. Foul air escapes your lying mouth. Tyranny throughout the centuries of pain. Blinded zombies followed into the decline. Kneeling... in a stinking church. Crawling... before an image of god. Obliteration of adoration... Burn the scriptures - fuck your obnoxious sermons. Shove the host - up your sanctimonious rectums. Son of stench - oppressor of vice. Castrated savior - king of imbecility. We press the thorns deeper into thy rancid body. Perennial torture - get raped by our sins... Deride the martyrs of their crumbling dogmas. Devoted vermin poisoned with impurity. Shoot the servants of this rotten kingdom. Abomination is the wages idolatry. Shed the blood of christ - vomit upon the cross. Kneeling... crawling... Praying... Dying...


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aetherius Obscuritas - Maradok. VIDEO.

Yeah, no doubt this guys from Szigetvár, Hungary show their sympathy for the grimm style brought to us by Burzum and Nargaroth as their influence can be seen whilst getting blood frozen by the amazing yet morbid riffs of this song. Get their video right now and enjoy!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lord Wind - Rites of the Valkyries

Rites of the Valkyries is the third album made by Lord Wind. It was recorded between march and October 2001 in Eastclan Forge. This front cover includes a "The Rhinegold & the Valkyries (1910)" artwork, from English Illustrator Arthur Rackham.

The ancestral sounds of this album take your mind back to the ancient Old Norse poetic tales of valkyrja "chooser of the slain" when Odin was as well the great commander.

  1. "Winged Helmets" - 7:23
  2. "The Ancient Beginning" - 5:48
  3. "Prophecy of the Norns" - 7:32
  4. "Father of Wisdom" - 5:19
  5. "Atlantean Monument" - 5:53
  6. "Rhinemaidens' Lamentation" - 5:38
  7. "Dance of War" - 6:24
  8. "Horn of the Summoning" - 5:53